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Here at Summers Transport  Logistics, we are proud to be the carrier dispatcher company you can rely on. Your carrier and logistic operations business needs to be supported by the right carrier and logistic dispatcher services. This is where Summers Transport Logistics INC. can make all of the difference.Based out of Kansas and Missouri area, we provide these services to carrier operators across the country. This means you can continue providing your critical carrier and logistic services, supporting our society and our economy with your transports.Get in touch with us by email or by telephone to get started. Our team is on hand to provide you the quote you need for your business, and to help you learn more about working with Summers Transport Logistics INC. Supporting your carrier and logistics operation is our passion.

Truck and Warehouse


Truck dispatchers have numerous other responsibilities as well. They can vary slightly from company to company.

  • Keep records, monitoring drivers' daily logs for errors or violations and monitoring their working hours and equipment availability.

  • Keep tabs on the weather at all drivers' locations to be able to flag potential issues, typically with the aid of numerous computer programs.

  • Coordinate and manage the most efficient loads to remain cost-effective as a company, combining shipments based on their routes and timeline to minimize how many trucks and drivers are out.

Truck and Warehouse


We would like to take the load off of you! Allow our team of experts to handle your day to day needs, by being the middle man for you.

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